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Gym Turf

  • Could you provide the gym turf installation guidance and related installation accessories?

    Yes, sure.
    You can download the 
    Grace Grass Gym Turf Installation & Maintenance Guidance here.
    Grace Grass Gym Turf Installation &Maintenance Guidance.pdf

    For the quotation sheet of installation accessories, please contact with us freely.

  • How to clean the artificial turf gym?

    Usually you can use a vacuum cleaner (with brush) to clean the gym turf or use the wet (not too wet) mop to scrub the artificial turf gym when it gets dirty.
    For outdoor gym turf with good drainage system, you can also rinse the lawn with water and let it dry naturally.
    Don’t allow food, chewing gum, chemicals, very hot materials or sunflower seeds in the gym astro turf flooring area.

  • What are the differences between SBR Latex and PU foam pad backing?

    SBR latex is a layer of glue coated on the backing of gym turf to lock the fibers. PU foam pad is made of a foam material which provides a more "cushiony," softer feel when walking on the turf. The PU foam pad can vary in thickness and typically comes in 5mm, 10mm. 
    Gym turf with PU foam pad will be more expensive.

  • Could you put my brand logo on the gym turf?

    Sure. Please kindly send us your logo file, so our designer could help to check and make the design for your confirmation.
  • Can you send me a sample of artificial turf for gym?

    Yes, we can send you free small samples (normally 30x30cm/pc) for checking the quality.
    For a custom sample, we will charge for some sample fees, but dont worry, we will refund you once you place bulk order to us. 
    Meanwhile, freight charge needs to be paid by your side first.
    We supply totally free sample service to our repeat customers only.

  • How many years will be the gym floor turf guaranteed?

    Normally 2 years are guaranteed for gym floor turfs. But usually its service time could be longer than 3 years.
  • Could you put my brand Logo on the gym indoor running track?

    Sure. Please kindly send us your original Logo file, so our designer could help to check and make the design for your confirmation.
  • What is your MOQ for athletic gym turf?

    MOQ for our stock models: 1 pc only;(there may be different sizes.)
    MOQ for plain color and gym turf with track lines in the basic colors we have: 500sqm;
    MOQ for plain color and gym turf with custimized color: 1000sqm;
    MOQ for gym turf with customized design: 1sqm
    MOQ for gym turf with PU foam pad underlay: 200sqm
  • Can we put heavy things on the gym turf for sale?

    Grace Grass gym turf for sale is not set up to withstand the pressure of chairs, tables, or high heel shoes. Vehicles are not recommended on it either. Place plywood or heavy plastic over it to protect it whenever required.
  • What kind of ground should we prepare for installing a gym grass turf?

    The ground for installing a gym grass should be smooth, hardened and clean.
    Concrete ground, rubber mat flooring, wooden flooring are suitable for the indoor gyms, home gym and garage gym.
    Concrete or asphalt ground with good drainage system are suitable for the outdoor gyms.

  • Is the glue necessary for installing the gym turf rolls?

    For installing the gym turf without PU foam pad underlay, we suggest to use glue to fix the turf on the ground.
    For the padded gym turf, glue is unnecessary. Because the turf has heavy weight and slip-resistant backing, so it wont move. And when you dont want to use it, you can roll it up directly.

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