Leading Manufacturer Of Gym Turf with 15 Years’ Experience

We are one of the best manufacturers of astro gym turf rolls for both indoor and outdoor fields. It is a kind of artificial grass installed on the home gym or garage gym floor for sled track, crossfit and agility training. 
We supply gym turf in black, green, blue, red, grey, white and other special colors, with custom design, and a PU foam pad can be attached underlay for better sports use.
1. Wide Options for Sizes, Colors and Designs
2. Fast Production with Comprehensive Quality Inspection
3. Free Design Service for Your Unique Market Requirements

Sourcing Gym Turf from Grace Grass

  For Gym Flooring & Artificial Grass Wholesalers

Being the pioneer manufacturer of gym turf, we have rich raw materials supply chains to offer the best quality products at a reasonable price. This allows us to work with you to ensure that you get to extend great prices to your customers as well.

  For Gym Products Suppliers

Almost 70% of our gym turf customers are Gym Products Suppliers. Adding indoor turf for gym is a great way to break the norm and hop onto the fastest growing trend in functional fitness. Please don’t hesitate to extend your product range to gym astro turf.

  For Gym Brand Developers

Most gym products suppliers have their own brands and usually like the unique designs, colors, and styles to echo and highlight their brands, so their gym turf flooring has a good brand promotion effect.

  For Gym Designers

We support the gym designers with a very low MOQ, so you can add even 1 roll of gym turf for the gyms your design.

What is Gym Turf?

Gym Turf is a kind of artificial grass or synthetic turf used for gym sled push&pull track, which is also known as gym sled track, gym sprinttracks, gym artificial turf, sprint track turf, prowler turf, fitness turf, attack turf, speed agility turf and so on. It is made of artificial fibers that mimic real grass. Gym turf makes for a great alternative to rubber and foam gym flooring. Different lines, markings, patterns and logo can be stitched directly into the gym turf with different colors of fibers, which gives a clear display of function lines and brand Logo with no color fading. Meanwhile, a padded gym turf with PU foam underlay provides a low impact surface, adding resistance for sled training and padding for dropping weights.
Gym turf is a new ear in synthetic turf. Adding indoor artificial turf to your facility is a great way to break the norm and hop onto the fastest growing trend in functional fitness. It offers fitness athletes a safe, resilient space to practice new routines and drills.
Cooperate with Grace Grass and find the new sales growth points!

Types of Gym Turf from Grace Grass

More Gym Turfs For Your Options

Details of Gym Turf

  • -Items







Pictures CPT-10 GYM-20 GYM-15 GYMX-15 GYMX-20 GTM-25


Plain color


Track lines






Pile height







Natural Thickness








PE Slit Film

PE Wide Curled

PE Wide Curled

PE Narrow Curled

PE Narrow Curled

PE Straight + PP Curled
















Coating For gym turf without PU foam, SBR or PU coating will be used to lock the yarn.

PU Foam Pad

Optional, each type of our gym turf can be attached with PU foam.
PU Foam Pad Size

3-10mm thickness (Maximum width for gym turf with PU foam is 2m/6.5ft)

Gym Turf Roll Width

1m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.4m, 4m, 4.57m or as request (Maximum: 5m) / 3ft, 6ft, 6.5ft, 8ft, 13ft, 15ft or as request (Maximum: 16.4ft)

Gym Turf Roll Length

10m, 12m, 15m, 20m, 25m, 30m or as request / 30ft, 40ft, 50ft, 65ft, 82ft, 100ft or as request

SGS Fire Test


SGS Slip Resistant Test


REACH Certification

All tested SVHC in candidate list: PASS

CE Certification

EN 15330-1:2013

CPT  /  GYM  /  GYMX  /  GTM

Features of Gym Turf

Good Durability

Good Durability

We use 100% new polyethylene material for manufacturing our Gym Turf, and most of our Gym Turf Models are made with KDK curled yarn. Comparing with air-textured yarn, KDK curled yarn like a spring, makes the surface of gym turf elastic, strong, thick, so it is more durable for sports use.
Good UV stability and Fire Resistant

Good UV Stability and Fire Resistant

Fire resistant, BASF brand anti-UV and anti-aging materials are used during manufacturing to ensure our gym turf flooring to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. But as a plastic material, it does not mean the gym turf is non-flammable. Please avoid the gym astro turf contacting with very hot materials or being close proximity to glass structures to prevent shrinkage of the gym turf fibers.
Slip Resistant, Safe for users

Slip Resistant, Safe for Users

A slip resistant gym turf provides athletes with a safer training area for speed & agility, sled push & pull, cross-training. Our gym turf has got a the Level R12 by SGS slip resistant test. Especially for our padded gym turf, the surface is soft and the backing foam provides additional cushion. It helps athletes to resist skin contusion and reduce pain if they fall on the ground.
No-toxic, Environment-friendly

No-toxic, Environment-friendly

For a gym turf flooring, it is manufactured with no-heavy metal, non-toxic materials. The gym turf has no pungent smells, which does no harm to athletes and environment.
Easy Installation and Maintenance


Easy Installation and Maintenance

The gym turf rolls from Grace Grass are easy to be installed and in low maintenance.
Just ask us for a manual to guide your installation and maintenance, you can do it well by yourselves! For the gym turf with PU foam padded, glue is even not necessary during installation, so your gym turf could be portable.
Integrally Tufted Gym Turf with Different Colors of Yarns

Integrally Tufted Gym Turf with Different Colors of Yarns

All the white lines, meter marks, numbers, letters, patterns and logo in the gym turf are tufted with different colors of yarns directly, not inlaid with glue, not painted nor printed, so the whole gym turf is strong and they will never fade, flake, or chip.

Size, Colors and Designs of Gym Turf


Width of plain color gym turf and gym turf with track lines only should be less than or equal to 5 meter (16.4ft).
Width of gym turf with custom design should be less than or equal to 4 meter (13ft).
Width of padded gym turf should be less than or equal to 2 meter (6.5ft).
Length can be adjusted as your requests, usually it can be 10m, 15m, 25m, 30m, etc.
It’s better that the length can be less than or equal to 30m, in case that the gym turf roll volume would be too large and not convenient for transport & installation.


We have field green, dark green, dark blue, black, ferrari red, rust red, grey, white colors as a base for your options.
Special colours also available, like drak grey, brown, pink, rose red, orange, yellow, midnight haze blue, light blue, macaron blue, purple, lime green, mint green and sand colour.
We also accept your color customization at a little higher MOQ. Just send us a 10*10cm sample with the right specification you want, then our factory will make a new sample accordingly for your confirmation.


We are always ready to provide you with free design service and give you a satisfying mock-up display for fast confirmation of orders.
Following is part of the designs we have ever made for your reference. You can choose the same design from them or customize your own unique design.

Gym Turf Model

How to Customize Your Unique Gym Turf?

Please write down the width less than or equal to 5m. If you need PU foam attached, width should be less than or equal to 2m.

(It’s better that the length could be less than or equal to 30m.)

Other gym turf & markings color requirement please contact us.

Gym Turf Production Process

Inspection and Packing Details

1. Pile height, Thickness, Stitch, and Gauge of Gym Turf will be measured.

2. Measurement of Width, Length, Size of lines/markings,  Distance between the lines.

3. Cutting Edge checking, Front & Back Side of Gym Turf checking.

4. Roll up the gym turf on a paper tube (10cm diameter), convenient for loading and unloading.

5. Wrap the gym turf rolls with the transparent film, then Cover the outermost of the gym turf roll with a layer of PP cloth. (Different colors of PP clothes will be used for better classification of different models or gym turf rolls.)

6. Attached with label or shipping mark, then Transfer the gym turf rolls to warehouse and wait for delivery.

Welcome To Visit Our Factory

  • Grace Grass - a professional manufacturer engaged in R&D, production, sales and service of artificial grass with more than 15 years’ experience. We provide the full support for the marketing and installation materials of artificial grass. We are the Pioneer supplier of Gym Turf and Ski carpet in China and we also supply Baseball Hitting Mat, Padel Court, the other Artificial Landscaping grass, Sports Grass, Pet grass, Table runner and the Artificial Grass Installation Accessories, like Joint Tapes, Glue, U-shape Nails, Rubber Granules, Artificial Grass Brush and so on. All our artificial grass pass CE, SGS and REACH certifications. Our artificial grass has exported to more than 50 countries in the world and mainly to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, South Africa and most of the Europe counties.

Gym Turf Installation Guidance

1. Make sure the ground is clean. Use a brush or a vacuum cleaner.

2. Roll out the gym turf, and make sure its 100% flat, if necessary use weights on the gym turf and lay it for 24 hours.

3. Then use glue or double sided tape to stick the gym turf to the ground.

(Glue and tape only need to be used at the edges of the turf and part in the centre, not everywhere of the gym turf.)
Some clients lay it down and use some bevel edges along the gym turf.
Some clients also embed the gym turf between the rubber flooring, in order to keep the turf and rubber tiles at same height.
*If you need to joint several pieces of gym turf rolls together, please refer to the following steps:
A. Simply laying the pieces of gym turf rolls over the area;
B. Using an utility knife, cut the gym turf (on backside) to fit the area; Please don’t forget to cut the edges of turf as straight as possible, so after two pieces of gym turf jointed together, there will be no obvious jointing traces.
C. Then, fold back the pieces of gym turf, roll out the joint tape in the middle of the two pieces;
D. Brush the glue on the joint tape and on the backside of the gym turf edges as well;
E. Put down the edges. (Be sure that NO grass yarn stick to the joint tape).
F. Step on the seaming places and the edges repeatedly, to make sure that the turf is firmly fixed on the gym flooring. If necessary, put some weights on the gym turf seaming places and edges. Lay it for 24 hours.

4. Vacuum clean the gym turf for finishing touch. The gym turf is ready for use.

Gym Turf Maintenance Guidance

1. Use a vacuum cleaner (with brush) to clean the gym turf OR Use the wet (don’t be too wet) mop to scrub the gym turf when it gets dirty.
2. Avoid the gym turf contacting with very hot materials (or close proximity to glass structures) to prevent shrinkage of the grass fibers.

Cooperation Process

Customer Gym Turf Performance

Grace Grass Gym Turfs are exported to the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, many Europe countries(Like the UK, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Albania and etc.), Singapore, Japan, Kuwait, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, India, Suriname and get good feedbacks from our customers. We are also looking forward to long-term cooperation with more customers from all over the world!

Gym Turf Products FAQ

  • Could you provide the gym turf installation guidance and related installation accessories?

    Yes, sure.
    You can download the 
    Grace Grass Gym Turf Installation & Maintenance Guidance here.
    Grace Grass Gym Turf Installation &Maintenance Guidance.pdf

    For the quotation sheet of installation accessories, please contact with us freely.

  • How to clean the artificial turf gym?

    Usually you can use a vacuum cleaner (with brush) to clean the gym turf or use the wet (not too wet) mop to scrub the artificial turf gym when it gets dirty.
    For outdoor gym turf with good drainage system, you can also rinse the lawn with water and let it dry naturally.
    Don’t allow food, chewing gum, chemicals, very hot materials or sunflower seeds in the gym astro turf flooring area.

  • What are the differences between SBR Latex and PU foam pad backing?

    SBR latex is a layer of glue coated on the backing of gym turf to lock the fibers. PU foam pad is made of a foam material which provides a more "cushiony," softer feel when walking on the turf. The PU foam pad can vary in thickness and typically comes in 5mm, 10mm. 
    Gym turf with PU foam pad will be more expensive.

  • Could you put my brand logo on the gym turf?

    Sure. Please kindly send us your logo file, so our designer could help to check and make the design for your confirmation.
  • Can you send me a sample of artificial turf for gym?

    Yes, we can send you free small samples (normally 30x30cm/pc) for checking the quality.
    For a custom sample, we will charge for some sample fees, but dont worry, we will refund you once you place bulk order to us. 
    Meanwhile, freight charge needs to be paid by your side first.
    We supply totally free sample service to our repeat customers only.

  • How many years will be the gym floor turf guaranteed?

    Normally 2 years are guaranteed for gym floor turfs. But usually its service time could be longer than 3 years.
  • Could you put my brand Logo on the gym indoor running track?

    Sure. Please kindly send us your original Logo file, so our designer could help to check and make the design for your confirmation.
  • What is your MOQ for athletic gym turf?

    MOQ for our stock models: 1 pc only;(there may be different sizes.)
    MOQ for plain color and gym turf with track lines in the basic colors we have: 500sqm;
    MOQ for plain color and gym turf with custimized color: 1000sqm;
    MOQ for gym turf with customized design: 1sqm
    MOQ for gym turf with PU foam pad underlay: 200sqm
  • Can we put heavy things on the gym turf for sale?

    Grace Grass gym turf for sale is not set up to withstand the pressure of chairs, tables, or high heel shoes. Vehicles are not recommended on it either. Place plywood or heavy plastic over it to protect it whenever required.
  • What kind of ground should we prepare for installing a gym grass turf?

    The ground for installing a gym grass should be smooth, hardened and clean.
    Concrete ground, rubber mat flooring, wooden flooring are suitable for the indoor gyms, home gym and garage gym.
    Concrete or asphalt ground with good drainage system are suitable for the outdoor gyms.

  • Is the glue necessary for installing the gym turf rolls?

    For installing the gym turf without PU foam pad underlay, we suggest to use glue to fix the turf on the ground.
    For the padded gym turf, glue is unnecessary. Because the turf has heavy weight and slip-resistant backing, so it wont move. And when you dont want to use it, you can roll it up directly.

Grace Grass Factory FAQ

  • What are your main products?

    We are the Pioneer Manufacturer of Gym Turf and Ski carpet in China and we also produce Baseball Hitting Mat, Padel Grass, the other Artificial Landscaping grass, Sports Grass, Pet grass, Table runner. 
    With a strong supply chain in China, we can help you to save time and money in seeking for other artificial grass Installation Accessories, like Joint Tapes, Glue, U-shape Nails, Rubber Granules, Artificial Grass Brush and so on.  If you buy artificial grass from us, we can supply the related artificial grass Installation Accessories at a low price.

  • How about your after-sale services?

    Any inquiry will be replied in 12 hours. Timely and professional service all the time.
    As a responsible supplier, each of our client's order is executed wholeheartedly.
    If the cooperation fails due to the reasons from Grace Grass in the process, such as quality problems, delivery delay, we will not hesitate to take problems to the end!

  • What payment terms do you accept?

    We prefer payment in USD or CNY by T/T and L/C.
    For common models, we would like 30% deposit before production and balance paid before delivery or against copy of B/L.
    For custom models, we would like 50% deposit or even 100% payment before production.
    If you require any other payment terms, please talk with us freely.

Consult Your Artificial Grass Expert

We help you to avoid the pitfalls to deliver the qualified and valued artificial grass, on time and on budget.
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