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Sourcing Padel Court from Grace Grass

  For Padel Court Construction Companies

We supply full sets of materials for building up a Padel court, including hot galvanized steel pillars, beams, weld mesh, tempered glass, synthetic turf, lighting system, padel posts & net, stainless steel bolts & nuts, connectors and other installation accessories. So you don’t have to find many different suppliers and we help to save your time and cost.

  For Commercial Padel Court Clubs

We provide different kinds of padel courts, like classic padel court, panoramic padel tennis court, portable padel tennis court, as well as padel grass for both professional and amateur practice. An easy, fast and robust installation can be done by following our clear installation instruction.

  For Padel Grass & Artificial Sports Grass Wholesalers

With rich raw materials supply chains and high production capacity, we are committed to offering the best quality padel grass with different specification and structures at a reasonable price. This allows us to work with you to ensure that you get to extend great prices to your customers as well.

Types of Padel Court

Standard Classic Padel Court

A standard classic padel court has the most reinforced structure, utilizes strong pillars or columns to support the tempered glass and steel meshes of the court. The pillars can be anchored to the ground by using expansion bolts, ensuring the court is stable and secure. This type of court is typically used in outdoor settings and is designed to withstand the wind and rain.

Panoramic Padel Tennis Court

The panoramic padel court has no frames within the glasses, so it provides an enhanced viewing experience for both spectators and players. Our panoramic padel court still has 4 corner pillars, assuring perfect stability and security for both indoor and outdoor use.

Portable Padel Court

Portable padel court is also know as mobile padel court, instant padel court, full panoramic padel court and crystal padel court. This court backgrounds with glasses only anchored at the top and bottom, leaving the central area completely free. It is easy to assemble, disassemble and install this portable padel court. So it is ideal for certain situations that don’t need a permanent padel court, suck as tennis clubs, gyms, tournaments and events.

Padel Court Dimensions

There are 2 types of padel court size, for doubles (L20m x W10m) and for singles (L20m x W6m).

  The Surface
This padel court is divided into equal parts by a net. The service lines are 6.95m away from the net on each side.
All the service lines and centre line have a width of 5 cm.


  Glass Walls and Steel Fences

The whole padel court is surrounded by walls, the back walls measure 4m and the side steel fences 3m height.




  The Padel Net

The net must be 10 meters long. Its height is 0.88m at the center and 0.92m at two ends.
The ends are attached to two side posts with a maximum height of 1.05m. Or a part of the structure which allows the correct suspension and tension for net.


  The Lighting System

Our lighting system uses the extended fence posts as part of the surrounding fence enclosure with a top bracket to mount two 200W LED floodlights. The LED lights shall be installed to create a minimum 6m high clear space above the padel court playing area. Usually it is 6.2m height in total.

All Materials For Building A Padel Court

Accessories Introduction
Photo Artificial-Padel-Grass Joint-tape Polyurethane-glue LED
Description Artificial Grass for Padel Court Joint tape Polyurethane Glue LED Floodlight
Size and Qty 3 Rolls (200sqm):
4*20m 2rolls
2*20m 1roll
White grass: 2sqm
30cm width
60Kgs 8 Sets, 200W
IP65 Water-proof
Photo Steel-tube-and-Mesh Tempered-Glass Bolts-&-Nuts
Description Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Tube Galvanized Steel Mesh Tempered Glass Bolts & Nuts     Elastic Washers
Size and Qty 80*60*3mm square steel tube Mesh Diameter 4mm
Distance 50*50mm
18PCS 2*3m
12mm tempered glass
Stainless Steel

Specification of Artificial Grass for Padel Court

Picture 1 shen qian

Model No.




Pile height





Fibrillated Straight

Slit-Film Yarn

Textured Monofilament Flat Shape Blade Textured Monofilament
With Stem Shape Blade






250-280 stitches/m

300 stitches/m

280 stitches/m


3/16 inch

3/16 inch

3/16 inch


52500-58800 stitches/sqm

63000 stitches/sqm

58800 stitches/sqm


Double Layers PP;



Double Layers PP;



Double Layers PP;




SBR Latex/PU

SBR Latex/PU

SBR Latex/PU


Blue, Green, Red or Custom Color


4*20m/roll, 2*20m/roll

SGS Fire Test


REACH certification

All tested SVHC in candidate list: PASS

CE certification

EN 15330-1:2013

Features       Straight Fibrillated Yarn
      Slit-Film Structure Fiber

      Silica Sand: 12-15kg/sqm

      Inside & Outside;
      Traditional Solution for Padel;
      Economy Padel Court;
      For Slower Padel Games
      Textured Monofilament
      Flat Shape Blade

      Silica Sand: 5kg/sqm

       Inside & Outside;
       New Generation;
       Commercial Padel Court;
       Padel Club Court with Medium frequency of use;
       For Faster Padel Games
     Textured Monofilament
     With Stem Shape Blade

     Silica Sand: 3kg/sqm

     Inside & Outside;
     New Generation;
     Commercial Padel Court;
     Padel Club Court with High frequency of use;
     For Faster Padel Games

Six Features You Must Know to Buy Good Quality Padel Grass

Non-toxic, Fire Resistant, Good UV stability and Color Fastness

Non-toxic, Fire Resistant, Good UV stability and Color Fastness

Grace Grass Padel Court Turf is manufactured with fire resistant, UV-resistant and non-toxic materials, we also offer you the white color grass for inlaying as function lines, so the whole artificial turf padel court has good color fastness and won’t fade for using outdoor under the sun summer after summer. With no bad smells and good fire resistance, our padel turf is suitable for indoor use as well.
 Safe and Comfortable Surface

Safe and Comfortable Surface

Compared to other surfaces commonly used for padel, like cement and concrete, artificial padel grass is much softer. It allows an intensive use, has an optimal padding and provides perfect balance between grip and slide. This offers considerable advantages for players, as they are less likely to injure themselves or experience ankle, back or knee pain.
Consistent Ball Rolls and Ball Bounce

Consistent Ball Rolls and Ball Bounce

Both fibrillated yarn and textured monofilament yarn are very popular for padel tennis court, because they can stabilize the infill of the count. So the sand works significantly better on fibrillated and textured padel grass and creates after a very short time an optimal playing surface. The ball roll and bounce are more consistent and fast accordingly.
Customisable Color and Size

Customisable Color and Size

Grace Grass supply padel grass with 3 main colors (Blue, Green, Red) and also accept special color customization, such as pink color and others. About the size of padel grass, it is usually fixed: 2 rolls of 4*20m and 1 roll of 2*20m (the center line could be made directly in this roll). But some customers prefer all the rolls in size 2*20m for easier transportation and installation, this is also available.
Easy Installation and Low Maintenance


Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

We provide detailed installation instructions and corresponding installation accessories so that you can complete the construction conveniently and quickly.
Suitable for Both New and Skilled Players

Suitable for Both New and Skilled Players

We supply different models of padel grass, which brings different performance, slower games for new players and fast games for skilled players.

Customer Padel Court Turf Performance Display

Production Process of Artificial Grass for Padel Court

Padel Court Products FAQ

Grace Grass Factory FAQ

  • What are your main products?

    We are the Pioneer Manufacturer of Gym Turf and Ski carpet in China and we also produce Baseball Hitting Mat, Padel Grass, the other Artificial Landscaping grass, Sports Grass, Pet grass, Table runner. 
    With a strong supply chain in China, we can help you to save time and money in seeking for other artificial grass Installation Accessories, like Joint Tapes, Glue, U-shape Nails, Rubber Granules, Artificial Grass Brush and so on.  If you buy artificial grass from us, we can supply the related artificial grass Installation Accessories at a low price.

  • How about your after-sale services?

    Any inquiry will be replied in 12 hours. Timely and professional service all the time.
    As a responsible supplier, each of our client's order is executed wholeheartedly.
    If the cooperation fails due to the reasons from Grace Grass in the process, such as quality problems, delivery delay, we will not hesitate to take problems to the end!

  • What payment terms do you accept?

    We prefer payment in USD or CNY by T/T and L/C.
    For common models, we would like 30% deposit before production and balance paid before delivery or against copy of B/L.
    For custom models, we would like 50% deposit or even 100% payment before production.
    If you require any other payment terms, please talk with us freely.

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